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Operational stability law of shot blasting machine
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Operational stability law of shot blasting machine

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  Shot blasting machines are widely used in hot rolling pickling lines; the maintenance of its equipment, the maintenance of the shot system, and the selection of shots determine the effect of strip steel shot blasting.

  Shot blasting machine directional sleeve:

  The wear of the directional sleeve will affect the angle of shot blasting, and then affect the strip steel descaling effect, especially the hard-pickling steel. Therefore, the replacement of the directional sleeve must also be replaced regularly to ensure the shot angle.

  If the directional sleeve is worn to a certain degree, it must be replaced, otherwise it will affect the normal wear of the blade.

  Injection angle:

  The angle of shot blasting determines the angle and area of the steel grit sprayed on the strip; if the angle is too large, the steel grit will be sprayed to the equipment liner, etc., which will damage the equipment; if the angle is too small, the steel grit will be sprayed to the lining plate It will also damage the equipment; therefore, this spray angle is the focus of the operation of the shot blasting machine, and the appropriate angle will determine the uniformity and integrity of the strip sandblasting.

  The filter system on the top layer of steel shot:

  The filter system on the top layer of the steel shot determines the status of the shots in the system; if the system runs poorly, the broken shots in the steel shots, waste oxide ash, etc. cannot be removed in time, causing the steel shot sprayed to the strip steel to be less powerful and remove the oxide ash Poor capacity, limited removal capacity, pellet consumption will increase.

  Therefore, the broken pellets and waste oxide ash in the pellets must be removed in time to ensure that the pellets are clean and the oxide ash is removed in time.

  The    pellet separator is mainly to ensure that the exhaust gas flow rate is normal, and the pellets flowing down the curtain should be uniform.

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