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How to treat the exhaust gas of the spray booth better
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How to treat the exhaust gas of the spray booth better

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  Generally speaking, the exhaust gas emitted during the painting process of the spray booth contains three main harmful substances:

  1. Oil-based paint: water droplets that carry paint particles; water-based paint: water droplets that dissolve paint particles;

  2, paint particles sprayed in the exhaust gas independently in the air;

  3. The peculiar smell of the paint itself in the vaporized state, the peculiar smell emitted by the thinner (normal temperature paint curing agent), and the peculiar smell released during the reaction and curing process. As environmental protection becomes more and more stringent, the use of any equipment alone can no longer meet environmental protection requirements, and secondary or tertiary dust removal and exhaust gas purification must be adopted.

  1. Water spray + adsorption method

  The spray paint waste gas produces a spraying process. The liquid paint forms atomized dust particles and volatile organic hazards such as triphenyl under the action of air pressure. The concentration is high and the particle size is small. If it is not pre-treated, it will quickly block the micropores of the activated carbon, causing Activated carbon has failed. After the spray paint exhaust gas is cleaned by the water curtain cabinet, it has a good cleaning and degrading effect on the paint mist. The exhaust gas enters the water spray exhaust gas treatment tower, and is further cleaned and treated by the wet cyclone exhaust gas tower, and then enters the activated carbon adsorption tower through the pressurized induced draft fan. The organic gas is adsorbed by the activated carbon in the bed. The activated carbon tower is suitable for large flow and low concentration. For organic waste gas, activated carbon adopts granular activated carbon, with a specific surface area (adsorption area) of up to 500-1500m2/g and a large specific surface area, so it has high surface activated carbon and adsorption capacity. The discharged low-concentration organic gas is adsorbed on its active surface, and the purified gas is discharged from the external exhaust duct at high altitude.

  2. Water spray + photocatalysis + activated carbon adsorption

  After the paint spraying waste gas is cleaned by the water curtain cabinet, it has a good cleaning and degrading effect on the paint mist. The waste gas enters the water spray waste gas treatment tower, is further cleaned and treated by the wet swirl plate waste gas tower, and then enters the photocatalysis through the pressurized induced draft fan In the deodorizing equipment, under high-energy ultraviolet radiation, the chemical bonds of volatile organic compounds are opened and broken by various reactions (photochemical reactions), degraded and converted into low-molecular compounds such as CO2, H2O, and generated by high-energy ultraviolet light irradiating oxygen in the air Ozone, ozone absorbs ultraviolet rays to generate oxygen free radicals and oxygen. Oxygen free radicals react with water vapor in the air to generate hydroxyl free radicals. A stronger oxidant, and organic waste gas such as alcohols, aldehydes, and carboxylic acids, are completely oxidized to water, After the inorganic substances such as carbon dioxide enter the activated carbon adsorber for adsorption, the exhaust gas is purified and finally discharged into the atmosphere through the pipeline to meet the emission standard. In order to achieve a good purification effect, after the exhaust gas is decomposed by the photocatalytic deodorization equipment, there will be a pipeline reaction time of 3 to 5 seconds.

  Three, filtration + catalytic combustion method

  The exhaust gas first passes through the filter layer in the dust filter to remove dust particles, and the purified gas is then passed into the activated carbon adsorption tower with honeycomb activated carbon (the activated carbon adsorption bed is prepared and used), and it is in full contact with the honeycomb activated carbon, using activated carbon The strong adsorption of organic substances purifies the gas, and the treated gas can meet the emission standard. The equipment has stable performance and can achieve the expected results. After a period of operation, the adsorption bed will reach adsorption saturation. The desorption ~ catalytic combustion self-balance process will automatically cycle after 1 hour. At this time, the desorption regeneration system will be turned on to desorb and regenerate the activated carbon (no need to replace the activated carbon). The desorbed gas is combusted by the catalytic combustion device to generate harmless gases such as carbon dioxide, water and some heat. The entire set of adsorption and catalytic combustion processes are automatically controlled by PLC. After the activated carbon is saturated with adsorption, it can be regenerated by hot air desorption. After regeneration, activated carbon is put into use again, and the concentration of organic waste gas can be concentrated by 10-15 times by controlling the flow rate of the desorption process. The desorption airflow is heated to about 300℃ by the burner device of the catalytic bed, and it is ignited under the action of the catalyst and catalytically burned. The purification efficiency of the process can reach more than 97%. After combustion, CO2 and H2O are generated and a large amount of heat is released. Part of the heat is used to heat the desorbed high-concentration exhaust gas through the heat exchanger in the catalytic combustion bed, and the other part is heated outdoors. The air is used as activated carbon desorption gas.

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