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Skills and characteristics of shot blasting machine using st
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Skills and characteristics of shot blasting machine using st

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  Steel shot is an important material for the shot blasting machine in the treatment of metal surface. Among many metal surface treatment abrasives, steel shot is the most used, the most suitable type for efficiency and cost. The application characteristics of steel shot in industry And the corresponding skills also determine whether the steel shot can be used more appropriately and reasonably.

  In terms of nature, the hardness of the steel shot determines the service life of the steel shot. The hardness of the steel shot is proportional to the cleaning speed. The higher the hardness, the faster the cleaning speed, and the consumption of the steel shot will shorten the life. The manufacturing process of steel shots determines the size of steel shots. The larger the diameter, the higher the surface roughness after cleaning, but the work efficiency is also high, and the wear and tear relative to steel shots is also greater. So this is also an interlocking cyclic process, the hardness of the steel shot and the manufacturing process and the service life of the steel shot are closely related.

  From the use process of steel shots, the properties of steel shots are inseparable from the role of steel shots. The characteristics of steel shots include moderate hardness, strong toughness, impact resistance, long service life, up to 2000-2900 times, and rebound. Good, fast cleaning speed, low consumption, no broken, fast cleaning speed, good technical effect.

  The steel shot used in the industry must be selected well. The selection criteria are: the hardness must be moderate and the size must be uniform, so that the specification can extend the service life. When used with appropriate equipment, the steel shot is durable and is your surface cleaning abrasive. Therefore, the scope of use of steel shot is also very wide, in the automotive industry; sandblasting/painting manufacturers; consumer goods manufacturing; container manufacturing/repair; casting; granite/stone cutting; shipbuilding and ship repair; oil and gas pipelines; factory maintenance and metal processing, All use steel shots for surface treatment and polishing to varying degrees.

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